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What is Yoni Steaming?

Historically, Yoni Steaming refers to the ancient practice that involves deeply nourishing and supporting the reproductive system as a part of many rituals for connecting with the wisdom that resides in the womb. The purpose is to cleanse, tone, and heal our sacred center.

Why Should You Yoni Steam?

A Yoni Steam is a process where healing herbs are used to warm the inner and outer organs of the reproductive system. The concept behind the Yoni Steam is that by increasing the blood flow or circulation in the vaginal area, one can rejuvenate the reproductive system. An increase in blood flow produces fresh blood supply and improved circulation increases vitality to the internal and external vaginal tissue.


  1. Medicine may be absorbed into the body for example, deep into the pelvic tissue, cervix, womb, and vagina.

  2. New mothers may enjoy faster tissue repair due to increased circulation.

  3. Yoni Steams after birth can have great effects such as toning.

  4. Greater sensations during sex due to the increase in blood flow.

All you need are:

  • A herb blend of your choice

  • Hot water

  • A clean, dry towel.

Different blends of herbs are used for various conditions. Your Holistic Care provider can show where to start and what herb blends may work for you.

Herbs to use for the desired effect:

Vaginal bacterial balance: Rose petals, calendula blossoms, yarrow flowers and leaves, oregano (antimicrobial), basil (soothes itch), and chamomile (antiseptic) help the optimal vaginal environment and work on maintaining balance.

Womb support: Calendula blossoms, rose petals, basil (antimicrobial), rosemary, mugwort (uterine stimulant), juniper (anti-inflammatory), and motherwort are. This blend feels very gentle and soft when used during steaming, which deeply honors the womb and yoni. Marigolds are and are known to have an affinity for the yoni and womb.

Soothe and moisturize: Comfrey leaves (high in vitamin C and calcium), plantain leaves (antibacterial and anti-inflammatory), violet leaves and flowers (moisturizing), and calendula blossoms (soothing).

Postpartum healing support: For tissue healing and support, herbs like uva ursi (antimicrobial), yarrow, plantain leaves sage leaves, witch hazel leaves (anti-inflammatory), comfrey leaves and root, and sea salt (disinfectant) is a great blend. It is mainly used to heal tears or an episiotomy.

Nourish and Tone vaginal tissue: A combination of rose petals (anti-inflammatory), motherwort leaves, plantain leaves, Lady’s Mantle, mugwort (balance), and raspberry leaves work on the vulva using deep nourishment, both internally and externally.

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