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About Princess Akeema

Princess Akeema’s interest in health and nutrition began when she was 26 years old and was diagnosed with high blood pressure. In the previous year, she lost her mother to liver disease. It was from that point in her life that she realized that she was too young to face a life of chronic and life-threatening diseases. During this time Akeema focused on optimizing her health by educating herself.


After experiencing healing in her own body. she discovered that the holistic health, nutrition, and self-care that she models in her own life can help educate others to optimize their health as well. She combined her experience and education into a career as a certified holistic health practitioner.  She is pursuing an advanced education in eastern medicine and acupuncture to further serve her community.


Princess Akeema is also a certified holistic nutritionist, a certified reflexologist, certified aqua chi ionic foot detox practitioner, as well as a certified yoga teacher with a specialization in therapeutic yoga that she often uses to teach her clients how to infuse movement and meditation into their lives to reduce chronic pain and stress.


Today, Princess Akeema LLC is a thriving business located in Catonsville, Maryland. She brings her expertise not only to those in the DMV area but reaching clients across the US by offering virtual appointments. She specializes in disease prevention and reversal, but can also assist with weight management, stress reduction, skincare, detoxification, and more.


She offers a wide array of wellness services and products to help individuals maintain a healthy life physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Providing you with the best holistic care!

Healthy Food
Dietary Recommendations

Customize dietary recommendations to fit your new healthy lifestyle. 

Natural Medicine
Natural Medicinal Remedies

Natural remedies to support your journey to health. 

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