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About Princess Akeema

Princess Akeema's profound journey into the realms of health and nutrition commenced at the age of 26, a pivotal period marked by her diagnosis of high blood pressure. The preceding year had seen her navigate the poignant loss of her beloved mother to liver disease, an experience that stirred a deep realization within her—she was too young to confront a life overshadowed by chronic and life-threatening ailments. In response to this awakening, Akeema ardently dedicated  dedicated herself to the pursuit of health optimization through self-education; which allowed her to heal her blood pressure within one year of her diagnosis...never to be an issue again.

Having undergone a transformative healing process within her own body, Akeema discovered that the principles of holistic health, nutrition, and self-care, which she so diligently embraced, held the potential to enlighten others on their own paths to optimal well-being. This revelation became the catalyst for her evolution into a certified holistic health practitioner, seamlessly amalgamating her personal experiences with a robust educational foundation.

In her relentless pursuit of knowledge, Princess Akeema is currently immersed in advanced studies in eastern medicine and acupuncture, an endeavor that reflects her unwavering commitment to serving her community with an enriched and comprehensive approach to holistic wellness.


Beyond her credentials in holistic medicine, Princess Akeema is also a certified yoga teacher, with specialized training in therapeutic yoga. She extends her expertise with a genuine desire to empower her clients. Through her teachings, she guides individuals on the integration of movement and meditation into their lives, fostering the reduction of chronic pain and stress.

Today, the culmination of Princess Akeema's dedication materializes in the form of Princess Akeema LLC—a thriving hub of holistic well-being nestled in Columbia, Maryland. Her benevolent reach extends far beyond the boundaries of the DMV area, as she extends her services nationwide through virtual appointments, creating a bridge to connect with individuals seeking her compassionate guidance.

Specializing in disease prevention and reversal, Akeema's repertoire encompasses a spectrum of offerings, including support for weight management, stress reduction, skincare, detoxification, and more. Her diverse array of wellness services and products underscores her commitment to assisting individuals in maintaining a harmonious life—physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Princess Akeema, with her wealth of knowledge and empathetic spirit, is a beacon of healing, extending a particularly warm invitation to black women seeking a nurturing sanctuary on their holistic health journeys. Through her wisdom, she endeavors to not only address the physical aspects of well-being but to also facilitate a profound connection between mind, body, and soul.


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