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Green Goodness

Health Assurance

From Hell To Well

Are you tired of not feeling your best? Are you ready to do something about it? 

If so, then it's time to commit to implementing consistent and healthy actions so your body can heal.


 Yes, it's true, your body CAN heal itself, However, it is equally true that we need to support the body in its endeavor to heal. To do this we must be complicit in ensuring our actions and intentions are supportive of healing. The good news is that although we have become unhealthy on our own, we don't need to take the journey to health without support. So, we have developed Health Assurance to help you create the internal and external terrain needed for your healing.  

What is Health Assurance?

Unlike traditional health insurance which is geared towards providing coverage in case you become ill, Health Assurance is proactive much like you need to be in order to restore your health. Health Assurance provides access to high-quality care through Princess Akeema on a monthly basis so that you can hold yourself accountable and make consistent strides towards health. 

Since you have enjoyed the Princess Akeema experience already, you know the initial benefits from our first session. With Health Assurance we will use your Zyto Scan and build a wellness plan which will be continuously updated as your health and wellness increase to "assure" you reach the highest levels of health. Don't leave your health to chance, it's time to be proactive. Are you ready to improve your wellness?

The Real!

If you aren't serious about your health now, chances are you won't be. Think about how you felt at your best and now think of how you wish you would have taken better care of yourself to prevent how you are or have been feeling. Life is too precious to just feel okay! It's time to get back to feeling like the jovial, youthful, and full of energy being you are. Your wellness is not lost, it is just impaired by consistently preventing your bodies natural healing ability through destructive eating, emotional, and mental habits, 

Think back to our first appointment and what you felt. The relief you experienced even if momentarily. No matter how long or brief the moment that period of relaxation, and mental/emotional pause is what you should feel all the time. The sick version of you is a response to continuous stress, and emotional buildup. In truth you are powerful, you are self-loving, you are created in the image of perfection. 

I do this work because I know how it feels to have a life without "life" in it. I know what it feels like to be unwell, depressed, unmotivated, and distracted by chaos and discontentment. I do this work to inspire you to live the life that is still inside of you, After healing myself and investing in learning the true principles of health I felt and still feel a duty to help those who are suffering and want to feel better. I navigated myself out of the trap of the allopathic medicine system and can help you do the same. Your wellness is not lost, it is just impaired by consistently preventing your body's natural healing ability through your diet, your emotional intelligence, and mental health.

The Benefits

Monthly Wellness Checks

Wellness Plans


Enjoy a virtual or in-person wellness check to ensure you are maintaining your wellness arsenal to make consistent contributions towards healing and optimal health. 

Enjoy a road map to your wellness with a specific wellness plan updated as your health and abilities improve. The goal is to get you beyond well to HEALED. 

Enjoy 10%-15% off of purchases



Monthly Virtual Follow up Appointment

10% Off Drop Ship Products



Monthy Zyto Scan

One Monthly Body Work Session 

15% Off in Office Product Purchase

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