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Zyto Scans and You

Zyto scan helps to give patients more insight into their health and their health needs.

Zyto scans work off the principle that your body communicates through your nervous system.

The nervous system is controlled using impulses that work with electric signals. These signals can inform the brain of the status of your body.

Toddlers like to touch when discovering their surroundings because your palm can send information to the brain using these same impulses. The palm is one of the areas that can give information about your body in a similar manner.

That is your palm can send a signal to the Zyto scanner with information about your body. The Zyto scanner sends out a low-level electrical pulse. When the body responds, the scanner will tell your Holistic Health Care practitioner what is needed to balance your body's system. The results may indicate nutritional, emotional, or physical areas of improvement.

The information from the Zyto scan may force you to be honest and open with yourself or your practitioner in order to address physical issues which may be a manifestation of emotional problems.

The results of the Zyto scan can tell which areas of your holistic health need the most improvement and what can be used to achieve these results. Chinese traditional medicine has played a significant role in the effective use of the Zyto scan results. This is in accordance with your Holistic Healthcare practitioner's knowledge, skills, and openness to suggestions to achieve optimal health.

How long is the scan?

A Zyto scan takes about two minutes.


All you have to do is place your hand in the cradle. The scanner will do the rest.

What next?

After receiving your results, your practitioner will walk you through the results and create a plan for you based on the supplements or essential oils that are in the results. Holistic care starts from knowing what your body needs to be at its best.

A Zyto scan can be the first step towards your new year's resolution of a healthier and happier you.

Then all you need to do is stay on track. This is something that we encourage here at the practice.

Sometimes it's hard to keep making the smaller jumps after that large leap. We're here to help because the aim is to help you to feel great both inside and out.

What better time to start a new health journey than the new year? We’re here to support you all the way. Book a consultation today!

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