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Who is a Mother?

Motherhood is an attitude. It is usually present in people with a personality type called “Nurturer”. There are people who are not biological mothers but are very in touch with their nurturing side. It motivates them to care for the persons that they come in contact with on a daily basis. They continue to impact the world positively and promote love or unity everywhere they go.

We celebrate all the “Mothers” around the world on a specific day in the year. It is a day to ensure that the nurturers in our lives know that we appreciate everything they do for us. We do not need a special day to treat, care for, show respect, and value the nurturers we know. We should do this every day in all the ways that we can.

For example, you may only be able to arrange an all-expenses-paid trip, spa day, or dinner date every day. That is perfectly fine, but you can ensure that you listen to the nurturer in your life, value their opinion/preferences, and remember important details like birthdays or favorite food, favorite author, or color. You can offer them emotional support, leave notes to make them smile, or call to say you love them.

There are persons who have lost their mom or the closest nurturer to them. We should remember their loss and stay sensitive to how they are affected daily. My mom has transcended. Her loss has taught me to take care of my health as a business owner and caregiver. It has also inspired me to care for the health of others. She is my biggest motivation and the driving force behind the mission and values of my Holistic Healthcare practice.

Continue to love and cherish the nurturers around you. Many people are not fortunate enough to have someone who genuinely cares for their well-being. I always encourage those around me to appreciate that and foster good relationships with people who value them. Go big on Mother's Day and bring smiles every day.

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