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What is Internal Spring Cleaning?

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Spring is known for the sense of renewal it brings and the representation of a fresh start.

The warm weather means that now you can open your windows to new opportunities.

It's the perfect time to elevate and create something new for yourself.

The best way to start is by doing your spring cleaning to get rid of the things you don’t need. This also applies mentally and emotionally. A lot of mental “clutter” can develop over the winter. Whether it is stress or anxiety, or any other negative thoughts. It's time to clean them up!

Focus Points for This Spring

Your Mind and Spirit

The colder months usually bring Winter Blues. After that period, we suggest that you make time to do activities that help to refresh and revitalize your mental and spiritual health for the new season.

Positive Emotions

Practice self-love and gratitude daily. Compliment yourself and reward yourself for achievements. Acknowledge that you desire happiness and attract good things by using positive emotions.

Focus on transformation and make an effort to achieve true satisfaction and happiness by working towards your financial, body, and mental goals.

Spring Cleaning

Many people are not aware of how much their environment affects many areas of their lives. The clutter and mess make a big difference in your energy levels and mood. You should always take some time to clean your spaces. A thorough clean during Spring can help you uncover many missed areas. For example, you may find that vent that made you sick all winter.

There’s also a satisfying feeling after cleaning that makes you want to relax and appreciate yourself for a moment.

Mental and Emotional Spring Cleaning

You do this through mindfulness. The aim is to help quiet your thoughts, relieve anxiety, and relax muscle tension. Mental and emotional clutter triggers stress. Stress makes it hard to focus on the present moment. Your mind is constantly racing. A great way to help settle your thoughts is by allowing yourself just 5 minutes of quiet time. Try to focus on your breathing. If you do this regularly, you can enjoy better sleep at night and more focus during the daytime.

10 Tips for Spring Cleaning

Let it Go- You don't use it, just let it go.

Clean Up Your Diet or Start a Cleanse- You are what you eat!

Upgrade Your Cabinet/Organize your kitchen- Space savers, color coding, organizers.

Clean Out Your Closet-If you won't wear the clothes, why are they still in your closet?

Clear the Clutter in Your Home- An organized and clean environment helps you to focus


Go on a Digital Detox- It is perfectly understandable if you cringed a little while reading this. However, limiting your digital consumption helps to promote overall wellness. One of the biggest ways is through improved socialization and being more present.

Refresh Your Mind In The Morning- Create room for new energy by taking a moment when you awaken to dump all the unwanted thoughts from your brain.

Practice Mindfulness and Gratitude- It is crucial to be aware of what is happening inside and around you. In light of any situation, try to practice gratitude.

Unsubscribe from Unwanted Services/Set Boundaries- If you do not want it, why are you hanging on to it or allowing its continuance? Set healthy boundaries for others and yourself.

Move Your Body- Everyone can enjoy the physical and mental benefits of movement. Moving your body releases stress; boosts your mood, and improves health.

Enjoy the Outdoors- When you spend time outdoors, you get bursts of energy.

Enjoy the warm weather and don't miss the opportunity to transform with the season!

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