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The Holistic Health Heroes In Black Communities

Yes, I know you are strong, a fighter, and an overcomer. You try to overcome each struggle that comes your way, showing you have so much strength in you. In trying to make great tides, we struggle with living the best healthy life. Our health's physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social components are not well taken care of.

Honestly, lots of external forces play a part in affecting the state of our health. Things like the news, environment, and work culture have affected us as a black community. There has not been much emphasis on holistic health, which caters to each component of our health.

We need access to black community holistic healthcare to live longer and better lives. A life without having high blood pressure or other diseases like diabetes; if we don't have access to these options, no one else will either!

What do you know about Holistic health? What has been your perception regarding Holistic health within the black community? You will get lots of vital information as you read this post.

What exactly is Holistic Health?

It is an approach to ensuring optimal health and soundness by focusing on the mind, spirit, and soul. A lot of consideration occurs in Holistic health as it looks beyond the peripheral symptoms and makes wholesome and natural recommendations as they believe in human abilities.

Are blacks susceptible to having various health-related issues?

The biggest lie we learned was that black people are not as susceptible to health-related issues as other ethnicities.

Black people have been told for years that they shouldn't worry about their health because they're less likely to get sick or have an illness than white people, but this is not true.

According to reports from American Heart Association and National Kidney Foundation, Black Americans have higher rates of hypertension and kidney disease than any other racial group in the U.S. All these can lead to heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

It sounds strange, but the black community is at the highest risk of developing asthma, according to the American Lung Association, as the cases of hospitalization and deaths have increased.

The chances of a black man getting a liver disease are 60% more than the-Hispanic White Men, according to the National Cancer Institute.

Let us look at the rate at which there are many sleeping problems. Many studies, such as data from National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), have shown how blacks have been deeply affected by this, as they have one of the highest rates of sleeping problems.

What about the rising rate of traumas people have from various experiences, environments, workplaces, and what have you?

We could go on and on, but we can see how even the strongest among us must ensure we live healthily and adequately checked.

However, the truth is that all these are preventable or adequately managed with a holistic health approach.

What should be our approach toward the healers in the community?

Black holistic healers are essential to our community and have been practiced worldwide for centuries. Imagine having a healer who can understand and listen to your body because of the bond you share as black; it sure would have prevented many previous cases resulting in deaths and injuries.

People sometimes confuse your struggles and assume you are crazy because of the peculiarities of your needs. The black healers understand these peculiarities and would be able to relate with you while getting the treatment you need.

Now, more people are looking into how important it is for their healthcare providers (especially their children) to focus on treating symptoms and supporting each individual's unique needs through diet changes or stress management techniques. Black holistic healers are seeing an increase in demand from those interested in learning more about this alternative approach toward wellness!

All these should be more reasons why you should support the black healers in the community.

Black People need to take better care of themselves.

You deserve the best care and shouldn't think otherwise, regardless of religion, cultural background, and upbringing.

The world is changing, and things have been happening. There has not been a better time than ours when Holistic Health is vital. We owe ourselves and coming generations to live healthy lives and pursue things we legitimately desire.

The black healers in the community are here to ensure you are not stranded while trying to live the best of life, but you have got to make a choice. The choice to visit them, refer loved ones to them, and the option to keep supporting them


You can see the roles Holistic health plays and how it is so important even to the black community. We need to ensure that our communities are strong and healthy, and we can get this done when we visit and support the Holistic health healers in our communities.

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