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Seasonal Foods & Your Holistic Health

There are a lot of benefits that we get from eating seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Here are the Top 8 Benefits of Eating Seasonal Foods:

1. Nutritrient Value

When you eat seasonal foods, you give your body a variety of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and phytochemicals that you need to maintain holistic health! Seasonal foods are picked at the peak of freshness and may contain a higher nutritional content than out-of-season unripe fruits and vegetables. Seasonal crops may be exposed longer in the sun before being picked. So they have more antioxidants compared to those harvested in the early stage for out-of-season sales. Summer seasonal foods promote higher levels of iodine and beta-carotene for this reason.

Natural healing is supported by eating organic seasonal foods.

2. Taste

When foods are in season, they are at the peak of their natural flavor. The look, taste, and feel are different from those that extra steps are needed to imitate the natural environment (season) for that crop. For example, tomatoes that are in season can be eaten raw since they almost taste like apples.

3. Sustainable Benefits

Sustainable farmers provide us with healthier foods because of their processes. There are no toxic chemicals, poisonous pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified seeds in this type of farming. Sustainable methods result in a superior product that offers better taste, quality, and nutrition when compared with conventionally grown foods.

These farmers care about protecting our planet and the health of farmworkers. Organic farmers rotate crops which increases soil fertility. They use integrated pest management to control pests using beneficial insects instead of toxic pesticides and sustainable composting methods for disposing of organic waste materials.

4. Economic Benefits

When supplies are limited because foods are not seasonal, you will see a considerable increase in prices. A high supply of foods will result in low prices.

You will also find yourself saving money because you will be encouraged to personally prepare meals for your family instead of having take-out since you can have lots of great seasonal foods at home.

5. Improved cooking Skills

With all the available in-season fruits and vegetables, you will challenge yourself to make something new from recipes. You may also encourage your family and friends to try so you want to improve your skill. The outcome is you will be the master of your kitchen.

6. Environmental Benefits

When you buy locally, it decreases the miles your food has traveled to get to your plate. It helps cut back on the amount of fuel used and reduces pollution. Locally grown foods are grown with fewer chemicals and protect our air, land, and water.

7. Community Benefits

A lot of opportunities for community development happen because of markets. If you know the seller and the origin of the crops, you will be happier to consume that food because you’re buying from someone you know and trust. You help provide financial support to the farmers in your area that helps to grow your local economy.

8. Emotional benefits

We know that when you go for the in-season produce, it helps you maintain a healthy diet. However, it could also help develop your capacity to deal with people while contributing to the wellness of the environment. It creates a sense of purpose and belonging. You’ll enjoy taking the time to go to the market to select the seasonal foods that you love.

To learn more about making your ideal Holistic Health grocery list, book a consultation with us to find out more about what foods work best for your body!

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