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Let's break the taboo and talk about Gut Health... while on Vacation

There are so many reasons why we may experience problems with our gut during a vacation or travel:

  • Travelling can be stressful regardless of the means of transportation. This stress can trigger inflammation of the stomach. Inflammation is harmful to the beneficial stomach bacteria. We need good bacteria for good gut health!

  • Changes in eating pattern. This is caused by eating what is available. If we like something and it's on hand, we may even eat more of it.

  • Introducing new foods. There are so many new foods to try, it's hard to pass up the experience! It is a vacation after all...

What can we do?

  1. Drink lots of water! Water is so important, don't forget to have it. Consider buying a pack of alkaline water and keeping it in your room.

  2. I know the drinks look incredible but choose your beverages wisely.

  3. If possible, get organic groceries from local stores to avoid eating out for every meal.

  4. Go to the bathroom. If you want to go and you can go, just go!

  5. The stomach isn't bigger just because you're away from home! Pace yourself and eat mindfully.

  6. Carry supplements. There are holistic care options to help with gut health. Hey, no shame in getting some help where needed, right?

Book a consultation to find out your options!

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