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Detoxing and Your Emotions

Detoxification can greatly impact a person’s emotional state.

What do emotions have to do with detox?

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is a mind/body connection that functions as the foundation for both diagnosis and treatment of illnesses. In theory, each organ has corresponding emotions. So, negative emotions can lead to many negative health outcomes. Fear, poor willpower, insecurity, aloofness, and isolation are related to the kidneys. Emotions such as frustration, resentment, irritability, rage, bitterness, or anger are related to the liver. Emotions such as grief, loss, and deep sadness or detachment relate to the lungs. The spleen is governed by worry and obsessive thinking (overthinking). The heart relates to excitement or shock. When upsetting emotions reoccur, it's worth focusing on the correlating organs.

How emotions affect your physical health

Emotions affect health through alterations in the functioning of the central nervous system, immune, endocrine, and cardiovascular systems which involve all the important organs, specifically the liver. The liver plays a huge role in our body's system. It absorbs nutrients from the blood and stores them. Emotionally, it is thought to play a similar role as it is believed to “absorb anger”. This prevents us from becoming depressed and distraught. The liver can become "overloaded with emotions" when we bottle up negative feelings. This creates an imbalance that limits the liver's normal function. At this point, a detox is strongly recommended.

How does detoxing help?

Detoxing helps to release toxins from the body resulting in renewed energy and improved overall health. Based on the mind/body principle of Ancient Chinese Medicine, the release will be both physical and emotional.

At some point during a detox process (most commonly around days 5-7), you may start feeling low, grumpy, or angry, which is a good sign. It means that things are going well with the detox. The best course of action is to allow those negative emotions to play out. Just feeling them and allowing them to fade on their own is key.

What if I don't want to feel negative emotions?

As humans, we don't like dealing with negative emotions. The manifestation of negative feelings is not to be frowned upon. These emotions should be harnessed and utilized for creativity and productivity whenever we feel them. Bottling up (refusing to deal with negative emotions) results in the body's susceptibility to diseases and reduced energy or vitality.

Detoxing is one of the best ways to cleanse the buildup or residue of negative emotions. The lightness felt after detox is a direct result of the release of negative emotions from their correlating organs. Clarity and relief often follow this lightness.

Always take some time to do detox periodically as advised by your Holistic Care professional. Don't hesitate to book a consultation with us to find out about our detox process and offering. Looking forward to helping you on your journey to wellness.

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