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Care Givers Need Care Too

As business owners and Health Care Practitioners, servicing the clients has a way of taking precedence. However, we need to remember that we also need to take a moment to care of ourselves

I know some of you are trying to remember how to do that. You may even ask "what is that, again?"

No worries, we have you covered with our top 5 tips to care for yourself as a business owner and Health care practitioner.

How to take care of yourself:

  1. Don’t let work take away from you taking care of yourself

You can’t take care of others if you are not in good health. From a business perspective, ensuring that you stay healthy is the best way to work efficiently and to up your daily, weekly, monthly and annual wins.

Proper self care includes knowing when to take time off! Taking time to recover not only gives you physical boosts but promotes mental health. So you are equipped to take on day to day challenges.

2. Eat healthy

Healthy eating is not only essential for a healthy lifestyle. A proper diet (a nutritionist or holistic healthcare practitioner can help you to create the best diet for you) determines how well you work, recover, and analyze. If you want a well functioning and performing body, you have to plan meals and prep ahead so that you will always have something on hand as well as be eating the right foods for your body.

There are also meal services that help you to do this is you really do not have the time or would prefer not to have to worry about preparing your own meals.

3. Exercise

Exercise is key to maintaining high performance. It helps the body and the mind. You also get energy boosts and increased self confidence from having a regular exercise routine. When you have a balance of physical activity with work, you time, and family time you feel prepared for anything.

4. Make sure you’re resting

Rest is an important issue when it comes to working individuals. It seems like there simply is not enough time to rest with everything that is going on. However, the effects of inadequate rest can be detrimental on an individual, client and company level.

Try to develop a routine that works for you. For example, if you are working nights, you have to plan your days in a way that allows you to have rest.

Remember to utilize all of your resources including the people around you who are trustworthy and efficient to make things easier for you.

5. Don’t forget to enjoy life

Make time to spend with your loved ones. Your friends and family are one of the main reasons you get up and work everyday.

Make time to go support your children at their special events, schedule date nights with your partner, have vacations with your family, spend a few minutes with your pets, call relatives who are not nearby, stay connected with your friends, and have game nights or go out with your friends every once in a while.

Success is all about creating a balance in all areas of your life. Whatever your situation, remember that as a high performing individual, you need to stay healthy!

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