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Anger and the Liver

Updated: Aug 17, 2021


Each organ is associated with an emotional component and the flow of certain energy through the body. According to Ancient Chinese Medicine, the liver is the governing organ for anger and is responsible for the smooth flow of Qi in all directions. A healthy liver can process nutrients, dispel chemicals, and synthesize hormones. When conflicts arise, a balanced liver allows you to process information from conversations and relationships. You can easily set healthy boundaries and integrate new information with ease.


The flow of energy and natural processes are disrupted if you are prone to feelings of anger and frustration. When you react with irritation, anger, or frustration, it indicates a physical, emotional, or organ imbalance. Signs to look for to check your holistic health

Feelings of anger or depression Dry eyes/ burning sensation in the eyes Bloodshot eyes Headaches Feelings of lack or stagnation in life Cracked, dark, dry nails Jaundice Diarrhea Having a "bitter" taste in your mouth Suggestions 1. Get enough rest 2. Do activities that help you to feel relaxed like yoga 3. Eat on-time 4. Take deep breaths when breathing 5. Boost your immune system 6. Express your emotions honestly and regularly 7. Drink lots of water 8. Get some help If you react with anger mostly, then seek some professional intervention. A Holistic Care specialist can help you to understand your body, how your body affects your emotions, and how prolonged negative feelings can impact your body's natural processes. You can get started right away by booking a consultation below.

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