White Agate is considering as beneficial for the persons having abdominal problems, helps faster wound healing, dental pain, teet problems, skin conditions like psoriasis, skin infections or irritation. It is considered as a great gemstone for protecting pregnant women, as help with morning sickness and protection stone during childbirth. This stone will protect you from nightmares during the night and stressful situations during the day.
This white gemstone will lighten your mind. Its gentle vibrations will help you feel better, relieve your heart from anger, help with anxiety, frustration, bitterness, emotional trauma, and clear your mind from negative thoughts. This beautiful stone will help you overcome negativity and negative emotions, slowly bringing love into your heart. By bringing love in your heart, white agate will help you overcome negative emotions like sadness and loneliness. It will help you feel better and boost your happiness. By wearing this gemstone, you will feel lighter and much more satisfied with your life, calmer and more focused.
Each piece of crystal is $4 and sizes/shapes vary.

White Agate