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Immune Boosts for Back to School

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

The immune system consists of a series of cells, tissues, and organs that protect us from invading pathogens, keep us healthy; and give us the ability to resist many repeated infections throughout our lifetime.

For Holistic wellness, the aim should be to have a balanced immune system. That is, having an immune response that is either too strong or too weak is equally limiting.

The recent pandemic has created changes in immune responses. The result is a need for additional help from your holistic care professional to get children ready for back to school.

The immune health of your child is not just about their body system. Other factors like getting enough sleep, diet, exercise, limiting stress or anxiety, deep breathing, and communicating; play a big part in balancing their immune system.

Boosting the Immune System using Holistic Care

We suggest:

1. ZYTO Bioscan

You'll receive additional insights related to your child’s immune wellness. Scans survey several items related to the immune system and show the products your child responded to most strongly in a specific category. Don't worry, getting a ZYTO scan is a simple and painless process and makes it easier for your child to get the best wellness plan for him/her.

2. Elderberry

Elderberry is a natural immune booster. A small daily dose of elderberry during cold and flu season can be used to strengthen their immune system. It is also helpful if your already child has a cold or flu.

3. Holistic Wellness Products for kids (book a consultation for recommendations)

All-natural options help with your child's overall wellness.

Giving children that extra boost and understanding their holistic wellness needs is a great way to help with your family's wellness goals.

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